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just another meme.


That's right - it's another meme.   I'm flattered that y'all want to know so much about me, lol.

Well - if you are one of the inquiring minds...keep reading.  If you could care less - then your next page is only a click away, haha.

Here is the "little known facts about me" meme...


First things first -


1) Create a blog post with a link to the person who tagged you, play nice! 

2) List all these rules in the post.

3) Share 7 things that others may not know about you.

4) Identify 7 friends, contacts or people you don't want to be friends with anymore (it could happen), and tag them at the end of the post and give a link to their blog.

5) Contact each of the tagged members and let them know that they too have been tagged and must comply!

So, now that we have the rules out of the way -Here we go! ... 7 things you my not know about me or care to know! 


I was tagged by two this time around.   My  gal pals Valerie Osterhoudtway up Connecticut (I can spell her name now without looking at her blog!)  and fellow Jersey girl Laura Giannotta  (I'm Italian too, so I had Laura's name down pat awhile ago, lol)  Both of these ladies had a snowy weekend.

                                                                                                       snoopy in the snow

1.  I was a Brownie. I remember there was only one store in town where you could buy the uniforms : )     I sold cookies at the bowling alley and the gas station around the corner.  I had regular customers.  It didn't matter what I was selling, lol.  From a little girl selling cookies - to a high school senior selling booster ads for the yearbook! 


girl scout cookies


2.  I like to make homemade butter sometimes : )   It isn't hard to do - just whip some cream up into butter!   (or shake it up in a little jar)   You can leave it plain, or salt it a little, or add other herbs and spices.  One of the fun things I did as a Brownie - and I have done it ever since.


                 yummy butter



3.  I collect matchbook covers/matchbooks. Old ones (not used, lol).  An old friend was a collector - and after she showed me her collection I was hooked.  Great pieces of history.  Check out this one


old matchbooks


Check out the phone numbers!  This was way before my time, lol.


4.  I am 1 of 43 grandchildren!  (my mom's mom)    My daughter is one of 73 great-grandchildren :)  Yup, that's a ton of cousins!  I love it : )      Wanna know how many great-great's......?

                                      cousins are the best


5.  We had an aluminum (tinsel) Christmas Tree when I was growing up, and I loved it!  It is my dream to have one again sometime soon.  (I already have the color wheel....now all I need is the tree)


         aluminum tree                                                                 silver retro christmas tree                

                                          silver tree


6.  I am in the Active Rain - Fantasy Football League!  Our season ended last night.  It was a lot of fun.  I held the lead for several weeks - and made it all the way to the Finals!  It has been a fun season.   (I was up against Rich for the Championship ----and he totally kicked my butt.   Congrats  to Rich on his win :)    I'm looking forward to next year.

Besides me - the league members are:

Rich Dansereau        Danny Thornton        Jim Ludes        Ryan Martin                Desiree Daniels                     

 Renee Burrows         Ron Tarvin            Tom Burland                Al Sodaro                      Rick Beal   

Linda Taylor   (we have a few Linda Taylor's here in the rain...not sure which one is the right one.  Sorry)

Tony Sena     and           Rick Frissell  


                                   fantasy football poster


7.  I am a member of the Aiken Board of Realtors Education Committee for the past two years and am looking forward to serving in 2009 as well.   I have to thank Jane Page, Gene and Melissa for allowing me the flexibility in my schedules so I am able serve on these committees.   (I have been asked to serve on the Grievance Committee for 2009 - I'm very excited and honored to be asked to serve)

melissa -     we were on our way to vegas!     me and jp   gene


As my Christmas present to each and every one of you - I will not be tagging anyone.......unless of course you want to be tagged!  If so ----- have at it, lol.

Merry Christmas y'all.

When you are ready to move south for the winter - give us  a call.

I wasn't born here but Aiken sure does feel like home.  Come see for yourself!  What are you waiting for?


Kara Casamassina, Broker In Charge

International Property Management Group, LLC

Downtown Aiken SC.

Thanks for stopping by - come back again! 

Give me a call if I can be of any assistance with your Aiken area property search.


I wasn't born here but Aiken feels like home. Come see for yourself!  

What are you waiting for?!!

Give us a call when you're ready to call Aiken home, too!


International Property Management Group, LLC

Aiken SC. 29801.



Comment balloon 19 commentsKara Casamassina • December 23 2008 03:05PM


Kara's back...it must be Christmas!  Hope you're doing well my firend.  In NJ we need to take courses to be on the Grievance Committee but that always sounded interesting!  Thanks Kara, Merry Christmas..Buon Natale!

Laura G

Posted by Laura Giannotta, Your Realtor Down the Shore! (Keller Williams Realty - Atlantic Shore ) almost 12 years ago

S'mores are my favorite girl scout cookie! Thanks for the nod to my fantasy football win. I got your voicemail and appreciate the call; sorry I have not called you back but with work and the holidays, I have been very busy. You had an awesome fantasy season and the computer projected you to beat me in the finals; glad the computer was wrong! Have a great Christmas.

Posted by Rich Dansereau (Positive Real Estate Professionals) almost 12 years ago

Hi Laura -  I know that I have to take the 'professional standards' course - but I have to take that anyway because I am on the education committee.  I'm not sure what else I have to do - but I'm looking forward to it :)      Merry Christmas to you too :)

Hey Rich - my favorite are the Shortbread :)   I just posted a message on the league message board too.  I had a good time - and I'm not at all disappointed in my team.  Heck - 2nd place is ok with me (this time!)   Look out - because I'll be coming back after that trophy  next year, lol.   Call me anytime.

Merry Christmas y'all.

Posted by Kara Casamassina, Boomers and beyond (International Property Management Group, LLC) almost 12 years ago

Kara, I kindly accept your Christmas gift as I really do not think that I could do another freaking MeMe.

Posted by Danny Thornton, WordPress Guru (R & D Art) almost 12 years ago

Kara.. OMG!!  I was a Brownie, and I collected matchbooks too.  I still have all of them.. and there are some that are well over 35 years old.  I had fun reading your MEME.  Thanks for doing this one.


valerie osterhoudt

Posted by Valerie Osterhoudt, ABR, Cromwell, CT Real Estate ~ 860.883.8889 (Johnson Real Estate, Inc.) almost 12 years ago

You changed your photo again!  See, I pay attention!

I hope santa comes by and delivers you an aluminum tree!

Posted by Robert Rauf (HomeBridge Financial Services (NJ)) almost 12 years ago

I HATE MEME's...does that get me on a list...Just not my thing but I hope everyone who participates enjoys....Merry Christmas!

Posted by Tim Ludemann almost 12 years ago

Hi Kara- I enjoyed reading your MeMe...you sound like a lot of fun.  Yum...homemade butter, it can't be as simple as you make it sound...can it?  I'm amazed at the size of your family, think I'll just stop right there...LOL.

I think I mentioned before that I've been to Aiken a few times, have good friends that live in Woodside Plantation.  It's been a few years since we've visited, but our friends still love it there.  I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and sometime in the New Year you might get to visit The Naughty Corner  ;-)

Posted by Gail MacMillan almost 12 years ago

Sounds like a great childhood.

Marcy Moyer Intero Real Estate Menlo Park Ca.


Posted by Marcy Moyer, Probate, Trust, and Investment Specialist (eXp Realty of California Silicon Valley Probate, Trust, and Investment Sales) almost 12 years ago

Hi Danny - you are very welcome! This is gonna be my last one for awhile, ,lol

OMG!! Valerie - that is so cool.  Do you have any of the 'Hunts Recipe' matchbooks?

Hey Rob- yup, I did - taylor ham - I never said you didn't pay attention, lol.

Hello Tim - thanks and Merry Christmas to you, too.  I don't mind learning about my friends - and sharing little things about me, but to each his own - right?! right! 

Hey Gail - haha. yes!!! As far as the butter, it really is that easy - although the jar method is best to do with a group, so you can pass the jar around as it does take a little longer than using an electric mixer, lol.    I'm glad your friends are happy here in Aiken - it is a great little city. Sounds like you are due for a visit :) 

Hi Marcy, like any there were fun times and not-so-fun times, lol - thanks for stopping by :)

Merry Christmas :)                             for my friends of the Jewish Faith - belated Happy Hanukkah.  I'm sorry I didn't say it then.   I called my friend Jodi to wish her a Happy!  I'm not sure why I didn't think of any of my friends here in the rain that are of different Faiths.  Your Holiday means just as much to you as Christmas means to me :)    

 Safe and Happy New Year to us all :)

Posted by Kara Casamassina, Boomers and beyond (International Property Management Group, LLC) almost 12 years ago

An aluminum Christmas tree?!!!

Well, at least if one of those match books that you collect ignited, the tree would survive!!!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. All the best to you in 2009!

Posted by Craig Rutman, Raleigh, Cary, Apex area Realtor (Helping people in transition) almost 12 years ago

hahaha, yup Craig - aluminum!  Thanks, we did and same to you :)  

Posted by Kara Casamassina, Boomers and beyond (International Property Management Group, LLC) almost 12 years ago

Hey, Kara.

I also collected matchbooks. I started collecting them in 1973 when I started traveling. They were free and a great little souvenir that didn't take up a lot of room. Eventually I had friends all over the place sending me matchbooks from their hometowns and travels. In 1993 I had over 10,000 of them and sold them to move to California.

I had many from right there in Aiken because my friend, Thad Prather, lived there and worked at the du Pont plant.

Best wishes for health, happiness, peace, and prosperity in 2009.

Posted by Russel Ray, San Diego Business & Marketing Consultant & Photographer (Russel Ray) almost 12 years ago

WOW! Those matchbook covers were old! I remember the 5 digit phone numbers, yikes! But not the 3 numbers. Anyway...thanks for listing such personal facts about yourself! Who knew?

Posted by Terrie Leighton, Reno Real Estate Agent ~ Selling Homes in Reno (Ferrari-Lund Real Estate ) almost 12 years ago

Hi Russel - wow - that is alot of matchbooks!  I have no idea how many I have - but it is nowhere near what you had, lol.  Thanks -   Happy New Year to you guys too :)

Hey Terrie -  I don't remember that at all, lol.  It is a fun hobby :)   Happy New Year!

Posted by Kara Casamassina, Boomers and beyond (International Property Management Group, LLC) almost 12 years ago

Hi Kara - Happy New Year!  Cute photo :)

What does one have to do to get a couple boxes of those thin mint cookies?  Do girl scouts ship cookies via mail?  I used to love those things!

Usually, you and I have a lot in common, but I just must have a live tree.  There is no substitute in my book.

Posted by Lisa Friedman, Central New Jersey Real Estate (Alliance Realtors) almost 12 years ago

Way Cool. Have agreat one.

Posted by Tom Ski, Social Media Marketing, Online Radio (BeFirst Media Group) almost 12 years ago

1 of 43? 1 of 43??? Wow! How cool is that? Friggin' awesome! :-)

Posted by C Tann-Starr (Tann Starr & Associates, Inc.) almost 12 years ago

Hi LIsa -  maybe, just maybe, one of your friends here in the rain will send you a thin mint surprise!    It will be a couple months and they will be out selling them :)

Hi Tom - thanks for stopping by :)  glad you liked it, haha

Hey Carolyn -  yeppers, 1 of 43!  it is soooo cool :) 

Posted by Kara Casamassina, Boomers and beyond (International Property Management Group, LLC) almost 12 years ago